‘Light Visions’ solo show at Performance Works

Posted on August 26, 2017 in Art, Events, News, Paintings

My show “Light Visions” is an exploration of the way light transforms everything it touches, elevating objects of daily life from the mundane to the sublime. The exhibit is put on by the Granville Island Cultural Society, and runs for the next two months at Performance Works on Granville Island.

Ten of my pieces are on display until October 15th, and can be viewed an hour before theatre performances (check performanceworks.ca for showtimes), as well as by appointment on weekdays between 11:00-4:00 by contacting Una at 604.687.3005 (make arrangements the day before desired appointment). The venue kicks into high gear during the Vancouver Fringe Festival (September 7th-17th); hope to see you there!

‘It is those blinding moments when the eye sees, not what the head knows, but what the light shows that compelled me to paint these objects of daily life, food and its vessels, as they are elevated from the mundane to the sublime. Light transforms everything it touches. The complexity of light sources compels an equally broad response of the painter, from vigorous brushstrokes of saturated colour for direct light to slow calligraphic layers of diluted paint for refracted and reflected light. From the warm sensuous play of sunlight through maple syrup bottles, to the cool interior light etching water glasses, it is the action of light that transforms three dimensional objects to visions of line and colour and form and movement.’

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