Posted on March 27, 2016 in Paintings

The lunar cycle has determined that Easter is early this year. Hoping that heralded an early spring, I headed out with my camera to Buttertubs Marsh, eager to document seasonal changes. This marsh, named, apparently, for its role as a place where farmers could stop and cool their butter enroute to market, is now a haven for birds and hikers. And the green was everywhere: in the Hawthorn bushes, bulrushes and iris blades thrusting their way through last season’s bent pale stalks. The reflections and refractions of blue sky shouted spring, from the smallest puddle to the large body of water where ducks and geese laid down little wake lines as they floated from one pale grassy clump to sail into another. Even more delightful were the flock of Stellar Jays flitting from tree to tree.the Pine Siskins dipping and bobbing, and the Juncos calling as they flew through the branches. Yup, spring is here! We will pack up our leg of lamb and head over to Vancouver to celebrate with family tomorrow.

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