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Posted on June 16, 2017 in Paintings

Enroute to Victoria airport mid-week, I stopped in at the Oak Bay branch of Winchester Galleries and enjoyed, among other works, etchings by David Blackwood and a photograph by David Ellingsen. David Blackwood’s work has been on my radar since the early 1970s; I own Farley Mowat’s “Wake of the Great Sealers”, a book illustrated with Blackwood’s dark, brooding etchings. Having recently visited Newfoundland’s Fogo Island, I recognized in the haunting images of a distant past, my own impressions of a harsh, striking landscape at the world’s edge, where only the most determined survive.

David Ellingsen’s work I saw at a more recent show at this gallery, “Obsolete Delete”. The large, incredibly beautiful photographs feature abandoned items from the not-so-distant past. This particular photo shows how one man’s trash—in this case discarded human technology in the form of an old cassette tape—has been upcycled to form the lining of a bird’s nest.

As always, I left the gallery happier and more inspired for the visit.

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