Chasing the light

Posted on January 15, 2018 in Art, Inspiration, Nature, Photography

When we visited Newfoundland’s Fogo Island in iceberg alley a few years ago, our mentor, New York photographer Alex Fradkin, extolled the virtues of fog. Waking again this morning to the plaintive moan of foghorns, an oddly soothing sound, I remembered his advice and went to Lost Lake in search, not of dense fog, which I could view outside my oceanside windows, but of the light breaking through the fog. The steady drip of condensation from the sculptural conifers had created layers of brilliant green moss on the fallen logs and rocks around the lake. Ducks and drowning cedar snags fractured the still water reflections of surrounding cliffs. In a moment, between the light and the fog—constantly changing parameters—an evanescent, Emily Carr image.

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